Changing Behaviour and Minds

Behaviour change is about developing new ways of responding to life events, situations, and people.

Why would you want to change behaviour?

People usually want to change a behaviour to avert a negative outcome and achieve a more positive desired outcome.

How to change behaviour?

The first step in changing behaviour, for an individual or a group, is to be clear on what you want to change and then to understand the perspectives, thoughts and feelings that drive and motivate current behaviours. Factors influencing, reinforcing, prompting, and maintaining behaviour also need to be understood.

The next step involves being clear on the alternate behaviour and intentional outcomes desired, and then creating pathways for change through new ways of thinking and behaving. For behavioural change to be sustainable, detractors and reinforcers of old and new behaviours need to be monitored and managed.

Psychologists apply up-to-date behavioural science insights and techniques, drawn from scientific research and models of behaviour, to help individuals, groups and organisations create the frameworks for achieving behavioural change.

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